About #WLHGC2024



Partners, Collaborators and Allies

The health sector, where women constitute 70% of the workforce but hold only 30% of leadership positions, faces persistent gender biases and power imbalances. Despite progress, these inequities adversely impact social and economic well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the vital role of women in health, emphasizing the need for their inclusion in decision-making for effective global health responses.

Since 2017, the WomenLift Health Global Conference, formerly known as the Women Leaders in Global Health Conference, has been a catalyst for gender equity in global health leadership, uniting diverse and multidisciplinary health leaders across sectors. The 2024 conference, taking place right after the Generation Equality Midpoint, presents a crucial opportunity to redefine transformative leadership, address setbacks from the pandemic, and empower all women, particularly those from marginalized groups, in leadership roles.

Recognizing the necessity of inclusive leadership for a robust global health system, the conference aims to foster honest conversations, actionable insights, and empower today’s health leaders to share power with women from diverse backgrounds. The event seeks to engage a broad and diverse audience, amplify new voices, and facilitate context-specific discussions while maintaining a global sense of community, learning, and passion.


Reimagine health leadership and what good leaders look, act and sound like.

Highlight the importance of women’s leadership and the diversity of experience, perspectives, and expertise it brings toward improving health outcomes for all.

Offer a platform for honest, concrete conversation and actions for individuals to take – with a particular focus on allyship to catalyze gender equality.

Equip emerging and established women leaders and male allies with tangible leadership skills through interactive workshops and trainings.

Catalyze concrete action for change.

Establish the conference as a global platform to share knowledge, inspiration and tangible skills to build active connections to advance every woman’s journey to leadership in health.