Benter Owour

Benter Owour, Global Network Advisor, UGANDA, IPAS

Benter Owour

Global Network Advisor, UGANDA, IPAS

Benter Owuor, an MBA, ACCA, and ICA certified professional, brings a rich tapestry of over 15 years of experience in financial management, risk compliance, and audit within the humanitarian and development sectors. With a background enriched by significant roles in international organizations such as Ipas and Oxfam International, her career has spanned across continents, where she has been instrumental in driving financial stewardship, enhancing transparency, and fostering compliance across organizations.

Her notable tenure at Ipas as the Network Adviser within the NetCARE Team, Benter has been instrumental in fostering connections, promoting a culture of shared ownership and belonging, with a focus on ensuring mutual accountability and shared responsibility across Ipas Network. Prior roles include Regional Finance & Compliance Manager at Ipas Africa and Risk & Compliance Coordinator at Oxfam International, where she excelled in enhancing financial stewardship and transparency.

Benter's commitment to fostering compliance, monitoring project quality, and establishing performance management processes showcases her profound impact on organizational effectiveness and governance. Her career, characterized by significant contributions to financial transparency and internal controls, positions her as a valued panelist with rich insights into organizational effectiveness and governance.

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2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Reimagining Leadership in Global Health: What’s Power got to do with it?

Led by: WomenLift Health.

Globally, the emerging discourse on women’s leadership is around redefining narratives and cultures of power grounded in equality and justice. Power has often been considered as a binary, masculine, often synonymous with men in opposition to those who don't hold it, largely women. On the contrary power is not a binary; in fact, it is multi-layered and complex. Incorporated within power are ideas of access to money, people, spaces, and information. Discussions of reimagining leadership in the context of power prompts us to think about the complexity of redistributing power and creating more dissonance in who has access and under what conditions.

This session will convene leaders from organizations that have been walking the talk- of shifting power and creating models of shared leadership with a vision to democratize and achieve higher and sustainable impact. We believe the conversation of reimagining leadership needs to be pegged to important discussions around redistributing power. We want to bring an honest conversation about what it takes to shift power to reimagine leadership as we know it, between those who have reimagined leadership and practiced it in their institutions and participants at the WLH Conference.

The panel will explore these questions: How are organizations restructuring and redistributing assets and opportunities to develop shared leadership models? What does it mean to identify meaningful, contextual objectives for reimagining leadership, and have they been able to allocate resources to achieve these objectives? What are some of the expected outcomes of the process of shifting power, and how effectively are these achieved? What is the role of traditional “HQs” in localization processes? What does localization mean to the diverse stakeholders who are experiencing the change? How do roles and relationships change? What are some of the reflections of this process amongst those who have tried to shift power?

1. Ms. Benter Owour: IPAS Global Network Advisor, Uganda
2. Gunjan Veda, Global Secretary, The Movement for Community-led Development, USA
3. Ms. Joanna Mbakulo: Uganda Country Coordinator, Movement for Community Led Development (MCLD), Uganda
4. Ms. Evelyne Opondo, Director, ICRW Africa, Kenya
5. Dr. Norah Obudho, East Africa Director, WomenLift Health, Kenya

1. Sia Nowrojee, Senior Director, Girls & Women Strategy, United Nations Foundation, USA/KENYA, WLH NA 2020
2. Dr Nandini Oomman, CEO, Samya Ventures, USA/INDIA WLH NA 2020
3. Dr Priya Nanda: Global Health Research and Evaluation Specialist, INDIA, WLH INDIA 2021