Dr. Michael Adekunle Charles

Dr. Michael Adekunle Charles

CEO, Roll Back Malaria

Dr Michael Adekunle Charles is the Chief Executive Officer of the RBM Partnership to End Malaria.

Dr Charles is a well respected leader, known around the world for a career spanning 17 years within the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and prior to that as a Medical Director in the field. He stands as a consummate humanitarian diplomat, adept in the craft of forging strategic alliances and managing intricate relationships across partnerships.

Dr Charles’ remarkable journey has seen him navigate the complex terrain of international diplomacy with finesse, cultivating successful partnerships across a spectrum of stakeholders, including national institutions and governments. Driven by an unwavering commitment to build institutional capabilities, he has assumed numerous leadership roles, infusing vigour and resilience into the organizations he has served.

Dr Charles' expertise extends to programmatic proficiency where he has effectively guided and rallied teams across the world. Collaboratively, he has worked closely with the key partners orchestrating a strategic realignment of the Red Cross's mission in Africa to harmonize with an ever-evolving global landscape. This endeavour, aimed at engendering a more agile, responsive, effective, and efficient organization, underscores Dr Charles's strategic acumen.

A highly-skilled, highly-trained medical doctor by trade, Dr Charles further bolstered his credentials with a Master's degree in Public Health from the Universities of Heidelberg and Bielefeld in Germany. His quest for knowledge and excellence led him to attain a diploma in Humanitarian Diplomacy and a certificate in Leadership from the prestigious Harvard Humanitarian Institute.

Dr Charles' outlook transcends borders, as he identifies himself as a global citizen with a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between global trends, challenges, and opportunities.

His ascent to the CEO position at RBM Partnership to End Malaria is not just a milestone in his illustrious career but a testament of his strategic drive to do more and support people in the fight against a pressing global health challenge. Under his leadership, RBM is poised to chart a resolute course towards eradicating malaria. This is cemented by Dr Charles's strategic prowess and unwavering commitment to humanitarian and developmental causes.

All Sessions by Dr. Michael Adekunle Charles

11:53 am - 12:53 pm
Auditorium (Selous)

Leaders Panel: Transformative Leadership in a Rapidly Evolving World

Now more than ever, the world needs visionary and transformative leaders to help navigate uncharted and complex territories. Often, this means leaders who are willing to question established norms around leadership and do things differently. Parity between men and women in leadership is one critical but insufficient step toward this goal; equally important is examining the nature of effective leadership itself, including how historic ideas around leadership interact with gender norms and expectations. This panel will explore what redefining leadership looks like in action in the health space and beyond, how to cultivate qualities needed, and how new approaches are vital to driving lasting change in organizations and society.

Video Address: Dr. Sania Nishtar, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Moderator: Ms. Sia Nowrojee, Senior Director, Girls & Women Strategy, UN Foundation

1. Dr Anita Zaidi, President, Gender Equality, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
2. Mary Rusimbi, Board Member & Founder Women Fund Tanzania Trust
3. Dr. Michael Adekunle Charles, CEO, Roll Back Malaria
4. Dr Shekalaghe Seif, Permanent Sectretary, Ministry of Gender- Tanzania