Femi Oke

Femi Oke, Co-founder, Moderate The Panel

Femi Oke

Co-founder, Moderate The Panel

Femi Oke is an award-winning international journalist, professional moderator and co-founder of the all-women moderators' bureau "Moderate The Panel."  Femi's broadcast credits include BBC television and radio, Sky TV, all the U.K. terrestrial commercial television networks, CNN, Al Jazeera and NPR in the United States.

As a professional moderator Femi has presided over major global events including European Development Days for the European Commission, Women Deliver 2023, 2019 & 2016 and the UN Secretary-General's SDG Action Weekend.

Based in Washington, D.C where she hosted the live interactive news and current affairs show “The Stream” on Al Jazeera English for a decade, Femi is currently leading the  talented team at Moderate The Panel and facilitating events around the world. Ask Femi what's the key to longevity in the media business she will tell you - “Don’t let rejection put you off and treat a no, as the scenic route to yes.”

All Sessions by Femi Oke

8:00 am - 9:00 am
Auditorium (Selous)

Panel on Male Allyship: What do men have to do with it?

On the pathway to reimagining leadership, people of all genders will need to be engaged. In the global health field, where women make up only a quarter of leadership despite making up 70 percent of the workforce, men must be active players in generating systemic changes to correct this imbalance. This panel will bring together a small group of male allies who are each playing a role in advancing gender equality in global health. Together, speakers will explore the importance of allyship and provide insight into how to foster allyship at the individual and institutional levels.

7:30 am - 11:00 am
Auditorium (Selous)

Opening Ceremony