Fraiser Kilonzo

Mr. Fraiser Kilonzo, Cyber Security Engineering Lead, Cyber Guard Africa Ltd

Fraiser Kilonzo

Cyber Security Engineering Lead, Cyber Guard Africa Ltd

Fraiser Kilonzo is a seasoned and accomplished Cyber Security Engineering Lead at Cyber Guard Africa with a notable track record of over three years in the field of cybersecurity. His expertise spans a wide range of essential cybersecurity topics, demonstrating his versatile and adept skills.

As a highly experienced cybersecurity trainer and assessor, Fraiser has successfully conducted comprehensive training and assessments for organizations of varying sizes, showcasing his proficiency in guiding others and evaluating cybersecurity practices.

His unwavering motivation and results-oriented approach set him apart as an exceptional professional, consistently striving for excellence in all endeavors. With a strong work ethic as his foundation, Fraiser adeptly collaborates with teams while also demonstrating his ability to work independently with utmost efficiency.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Fraiser's fervent dedication shines through his passion for safeguarding organizations and individuals from cyberattacks. Constantly seeking novel and innovative methods, he remains at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements to optimize protection and fortify security measures.

Fraiser Kilonzo's commitment to the cybersecurity community, evident through his community leadership roles at HackTheBox Kenya and AfricaHackOn, reflects his desire to contribute to the collective knowledge and defense against cyber threats. His broad expertise, coupled with his active involvement in cybersecurity initiatives, makes him a valuable asset in the ongoing battle to secure digital landscapes.

All Sessions by Fraiser Kilonzo

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Driving Ethics & Equity through Digital Innovations: The future of Al in Global Health

Led by: WomenLift Health.

Digital innovations such as AI are rapidly evolving to become crucial components of our everyday lives: from basic technology to revolutionizing primary care, the applications of AI are widespread. This session will feature accomplished leaders and experts who are driving equitable and ethical innovation and supporting the next generation of digital health and AI leadership. Together, participants will explore steps we can take to build equity and inclusivity into tools, including by diversifying women leadership in the field.

Moderator: Joy Kamunyori, Senior Health Information Systems Advisor, USAID

1. Dr Muthoni Ntonjira, Managing Director and Health Systems District Leader, Philips East Africa
2. Dr Olivia Velez, Director of Technical Services, Center of Digital and Data Excellence, PATH
3. Fraiser Kilonzo, Cyber Security Engineering Lead, Cyber Guard Africa
4. Caroline Mbindyo, CEO, Amref Health Innovations