Sesilia Shirima

Sesilia Shirima, CEO, Young and Alive Initiative

Sesilia Shirima

CEO, Young and Alive Initiative

Sesilia Shirima is a feminist, gender expert, and clinician from Tanzania. She is passionately involved in advocating for Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights with ten years of experience. Her work has included service delivery, community work, advocacy, leadership, and facilitation. Sesilia holds a Degree in Gender and Development and she possesses a High Diploma in Clinical Medicine. She is award winner of 2022 ICFP youth trailblazer in Family planning and 2021 World Women Leadership Congress & Awards in Presents Africa's Women Leaders and 2024 East Africa Thematic Leadership Journey Cohort at women lift 2024/2025

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Young and Alive Initiative, the organization that aims to mobilize adolescents and youth to be solid and supportive to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Justice systems. Sesilia is also an active member of various women and young people's movements, such as Women Human Right Defender Tanzania, Tanzania Feminist Forum, DADA rise, Women Directors Forum and East Africa feminist forum.

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2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Championing Youth Leadership in the SRHR/Family Planning Sector: Lessons from FP2030

Led by FP2030.

The sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents and youth must be met to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the 10-29 demographic, there are SRH challenges faced by youth of all genders, but adolescent girls bear unique needs, aspirations, and compounding challenges. Focusing on adolescents and youth increases sustainability, has a three-generation impact, and decreases the need for future social behavior change interventions as their behaviors are shaped during adolescence. FP2030, a global partnership centered solely on family planning works with youth leaders and advocates as part of its group of technical leaders who oversee the country’s FP2030 commitment to family planning. This session’s focus aligns with the third conference theme: Advancing Women’s Leadership in Health. Specifically, the discussion will focus on best practices for promoting future women’s and youth leadership as a critical path to the success of the FP2030 partnership and building its legacy and future leaders in FP service delivery, policy advocacy, and research.

Opening Remarks: Dr Samukeliso Dube, Executive Director, FP2030

Moderator: Dr Sheila Macharia, Managing Director FP2030 ESA Hub

1. Ms. Shalom Mwape, Youth leader Zambia
2. Ms. Ninabina Davie Kitururu, Youth leader Tanzania
3. Ms. Sesilia Shirima, CSO/YLO