Zuhura Ahmad

Zuhura Ahmad, Tanzanian artist & activist

Zuhura Ahmad

Head of Programs, The Women in Recycling Foundation

Zuhura Ahmad is a Teacher scientist and great gender-climate advocate from Tanzania who is passionate and actively involved in nature conservation and sustainability initiatives including in the field of nature-based economy.

Zuhura is not just an advocate, she is a catalyst for transformative change. Her influence extends beyond passion, where she proudly serves as the Head of Programs at The Women in Recycling Foundation, where she plays a pivotal role in supporting and advancing the integration of women-responsive approach in the implementation of circular economy practices. Her leadership and expertise contribute to empowering women in waste management and recycling activities and driving positive change in the community.

She has been recognized as the gender-climate winner under The Top European Research Lab. She is a 1 Million Youth Action Challenge Ambassador (1MYAC) and Youth4Nature Global Ambassador. Zuhura has an experience in nature-climate storytelling and she lead, She Shapes Nature project, focusing to collect, spotlight and amplify the untold stories of local girls and women working in nature-based economy in Tanzania, supported by Youth4Nature.

In addition to her exceptional leadership, Zuhura has consistently dedicate to biodiversity policy and its conservation since 2019 under the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.

She has been a leader in co-organizing capacity building initiatives to grow the capacity of youth and women to contribute to the objectives of convention on
biological diversity including by recognizing their equal rights and access to full, equitable, meaningful and informed participation and leadership at all levels of action, engagement, policy and decision making related to biodiversity.

Furthermore, She has contributed to various projects and initiatives aimed at engaging youth and women in shaping nature-climate in Tanzania and has shown exceptional leadership skills in coordinating and collaborating with members from different countries to advance the long term vision of living in harmony with nature by 2050. Through this role and collective experience in nature, biodiversity and climate spaces, Zuhura strongly believes in communication through storytelling narratives from the grassroot level as the only way to inspire and empower people across the globe to better understand and protect the world’s biodiversity & nature and take initiative for climate action.

All Sessions by Zuhura Ahmad

10:15 am - 10:25 am
Auditorium (Selous)

Spotlight Talk: Women Leaders Shaping Climate Action in Tanzania

This Spotlight Talk by Zuhura Ahmad, a Tanzanian climate activist, will draw on her personal experiences and highlight examples of the way women are leading innovative ventures to shape climate action in Tanzania.

Speaker: Zuhura Ahmad, Head of Programs, The Women in Recycling Foundation